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the assignment instructions are attached

Sepsis management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment)
This is instruction for a report speech notes to bewritten based on the attached ppt.(this paper will be submitted through turnitin).
The recent guideline for the management of sepsis should be used along with the guideline that is used within Western Australia or Australia. The whole talk is about treatment management only, do not explain causes and pathophysiology ect. This paper should reflect only the management of sepsis.
What does a report mean? it is actually similar to speech notes that should tally with slides of the presentation s
1. APA references sixth edition must be followed in writing the repot.
2. The paper should be well written, no grammar mistakes , no spelling mistakes at all.
3. Peer reviewed articles must be used along with the guideline on surviving sepsis campaign while writing the explanations in the report or speech notes.
4. The headings of the report should tally with the headings in the ppt
5. It should look like critical thinking paper
6. No first person must be mentioned.
7. The report should include introduction and conclusion. The introduction should be strong and up to the point to the theme of the paper. And the conclusion as well.
8. While writing the speech notes for each treatment in each slide,
rationales must be mentioned and
some of the treatment must be linked to exact reasons why patient must receive such treatment and what is the treatment is, the does as per the literature
You can link the treatment and reasons to pathophysiology, if its necessary
Some of the information are not mentioned in the ppt , but they should be mentioned in the report . the report should comprehensively cover the topic of sepsis management
Pharmacological treatment means drugs , fluids ect.
Non pharmacological should include nursing intervention, surgical intervention, health teaching ect .
9. All the rationales and notes must be linked to the recent guidelines in management of sepsis within the Australian health settings.
10. Relevant evidence based treatment modalities used in the Australian health care setting must be mentioned , for example if there is a treatment mention in the guideline but it is not recommended in the Australian settings that should be mentioned along with the literature. The guideline or the algorithm that must be mentioned or copy past in the paper.
11. Used evidence based literature to write this paper , you can use official website such as that ends with .org and .edu
12. Nursing interventions for a patient with sepsis and diagnostic test that would confirm the patient was septic (including rationales for interventions and tests). Intervention should go system by system even if it is not mentioned in the ppt. for example neurological system what the nurses role. then respiratory system what the nurses should do ect.
13. The report must be written in a way that should answer all the expected questions why, what, how it must be administered, how fast and how much. It should be detailed even if those details not written in the slides.
14. Indication and contraindication of the treatment must be mentioned whenever it is necessary in the report .
15. The lecture notes must be linked to the power point presentation, the lecture notes must be easy to follow and transparent.
16. If the slides were not in order / then you should write the report in order according to what the literature and what the recent sepsis guideline is stating?
The slides provided just to guide you in writing the report. You can add other headings if you want , but all the information present in the in the slides .

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