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What are the policy options / solutions for addressing the issue?

What are the policy options / solutions for addressing the issue?Independent practice for nurse practitioners

Part 1: Define the policy issue.

o How is the issue affecting the policy arena?

o What are the current politics of the issue?

o At what level in the policy making process is the issue?

· Part 2: Apply a policy analysis framework to explore the issue using the following contexts

o Social

o Ethical

o Legal

o Historical

o Financial / economic

o Theoretical underpinnings of the policy

· Include in this section:

o Who are the stakeholders of interest?

o Is there a nursing policy / position statement on this health care issue? If so, who developed it?

· Part 3: Policy options / solutions

o What are the policy options / solutions for addressing the issue? Include at least three levels of options / solutions: no change; partial change; radical change or maximum change.

o What are the theoretical underpinnings of the policy options / solutions?

o What are the health advocacy aspects and leadership requirements of each option?

o How does each option / solution provide an opportunity or need for interprofessional collaboration?

o What are the pros and cons of each suggested change? Include the cost benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of each option along with the utility and feasibility of each option.

· Part 4: Building Consensus

o Outline a plan for building consensus around your recommended option / solution for solving the policy issue.

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