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Schizophrenia: final project: The Biological Basis of Behavior
The Biological Basis of Behavior: Schizophrenia Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the directives below carefully.
Contact your instructor with any questions using the listed forms of contact found under the “People” tab in the left navigation of your online classroom. For your research, it is suggested you use the PubMed Central (Links to an external site.) web page.
You may also consider reviewing the PubMed Central Quick Start Guide (Links to an external site.) and PubMed Tutorials (Links to an external site.) to help you navigate the resource more effectively. Your final project, which began with your Week 2 and Week 3 written assignments, is an analysis and discussion of the role of the brain in schizophrenia. In your paper,
• Analyze of the role of the brain in schizophrenia.
• Examine the neuroanatomy of the schizophrenia, the neurotransmitter systems involved, and any other biological system, such as hormones, that may be involved.
• Identify any life-span implications, how the schizophrenia is studied, and relevant history of the topic.
• Describe behavioral processes that are involved in schizophrenia. The Biological Basis of Behavior final project: Schizophrenia
Analyzes the Roles of the Brain in a Disorder or a Brain Process Total: 4.00 Distinguished – Comprehensively analyzes the roles of the brain in a disorder or a brain process.
Examines the Neurotransmitter Systems Involved and Any Other Biological System, That May Be Involved Total: 4.00 Distinguished –
Thoroughly examines the neurotransmitter systems involved and any other biological system, that may be involved. Identifies Any Life-Span Implications, Including How the Topic Is Studied and Relevant History of the Topic Total: 3.00 Distinguished
Clearly and accurately identifies any life-span implications, including how the topic is studied and relevant history of the topic. Describes Behavioral Processes That Are Involved in the Disorder or Brain Process Total: 4.00 Distinguished
Thoroughly describes behavioral processes that are involved in the disorder or brain process. Written Communication: APA Formatting Total: 2.00 Distinguished –
Accurately uses APA formatting consistently throughout the paper, title page, and reference page.
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