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Part 1: Job Description Analysis
To Prepare:

Review the Learning Resources on human resource management and recruitment, job analysis, and job design.
Identify a job description from your current healthcare organization or where you have previously worked. Choose a job description that will enable you to determine the type of employees you are looking for as well as the selection criteria.
Based on the job description, develop a recruitment and selection plan. For Part 1, you will focus on developing and refining the job description. Consider:

What are the responsibilities of this job?
What are the competencies and KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, other attributes) required for this job?
How would you evaluate a candidate to determine fit for this position, both in terms of technical competencies for the job and fit with the culture and values of the organization?
How could the job description be improved to ensure a successful hiring process?

Consider how you could use social media, such as LinkedIn or online employment recruitment sites, to maximize the field of qualified recruits.

If you are on LinkedIn, explore how the site functions as a recruitment source. If you are not on LinkedIn, create a profile for this Assignment, and then begin your research.
Identify and explore recruitment websites (e.g., Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder) that have been used to recruit for this type of position. Depending on the job, also explore discipline-specific websites where jobs are advertised (e.g., Nurse.org, ANA’s Career Center). Pay particular attention to how jobs are presented to interested job seekers.

Part 1 Assignment: Job Description Analysis

In 2–3 pages, include the following:
Explain the role of the nurse executive in developing job descriptions and why it represents an essential human resource management function.
Analyze the job description you have selected as the focus of your Assignment. Include the source of the job description and critique the job description for clarity and accuracy.
Explain how well the job description defines the required employee attributes for the job and how it could be improved. If information is available, describe how the tasks and competencies associated with this job may have changed since the job description was conceived.
Write a new or revised job description that reflects your analysis and which you would use for advertising the position and recruiting candidates for the job.
Explain how you would use social media and online job search technology to maximize presentation of the job description and reach a broader share of potential recruits.
Describe two examples of how jobs similar to your chosen position are presented to interested job seekers from the social media and online job sites you visit.

Part 2 Assignment: Interview and Selection Plan
Based on the job description you created or revised in Part 1, design an interview and selection process for that job. In 3–4 pages, include the following:

Describe the ideal candidate for this job, and explain the sources of information you would use in evaluating applicants.
Explain an overview of your process to identify, and select that candidate.
Focusing on the interview, explain:

Who within the healthcare organization would be involved in the interview process, and why
Pre-interview guidance and preparation for interviewers and recruits
How interview outcomes would be compiled
How differences in interview ratings would be resolved

List five essential questions you would ask in an interview to evaluate key employee characteristics for this job. For each question, explain what you would look and listen for in the candidate’s response.
Explain how you would measure a candidate and assess the recruit’s fitness for the position.
Analyze your interview and selection process for potential challenges, and explain how you would address those challenges to improve the process and outcomes, including retaining good employees.


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