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Discuss whether or not project outcomes were achieved.

Nursing Proposal for Lead Intoxication Prevention and Awareness: Focusing on Educating Spanish Speaking Mothers

Order Description

1. Proposal reflecting work done in NURS 467.

2. Scholarly paper supporting the completed project.

a. Rationale for topic selection is introduced, reflecting creativity and personal interest in the topic of study.

b. Explains how project is of significance to the nursing profession.

c. Explains how this project will enhance the student?s knowledge of a particular aspect of the interaction of persons with their environment along the health-illness continuum.
d. Reflects one?s personal philosophy of nursing that is based on needs of individuals, families, groups, and community.

Review of the Literature
a. Expands upon review of literature proposed in NURS 467.

b. Analyzes current nursing and related-disciplines literature to support the topic of study.

c. Evaluates evidence-based literature in nursing and related-disciplines to answer the question: What are the current evidence-based findings related to the topic of study?

d. Incorporates a theoretical framework, as appropriate, to the topic of study. The theoretical framework may be a nursing theory or a theory from a related discipline.

e. Synthesizes literature to provide a summary of best evidence related to topic of study.

Analysis and Conclusions

a. Discuss whether or not project outcomes were achieved.

b. Discuss and analyze data collected (if appropriate for project).

c. Describe if the student met the timeline for completing each aspect of the project. If not, describe what modifications were made and why.

d. Conclusions related to project.


Include all sources of literature utilized in the proposal and format in accordance with APA style.

3. Implementation and Evaluation of Project Outcomes. This may be incorporated into the scholarly paper or completed separately.

a. Describe how the project unfolded from start to finish.

b. Describe the methodology utilized to complete the project.

c. Explain main goals or aims of one?s project.

i. Outcome statements must be written in terms that are measurable, realistic, and appropriate for the project.

ii. If planning an educational program, there will also be goals related specifically to the educational program.

d. Data analysis.



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