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Page 324, problems 46, 48


46. For the PAC1 counter, which pin is used for the input pulse?




48. Program PACA to be an event counter. Use 16-bit mode, and display the binarycount on PORTB and PORTA continuously. Set the initial count to 20,000.




Page 467, review questions 1-4


1.In a DAC, input is __ (digital, analog) and output is __ (digital, analog).




2.In an ADC, input is _ (digital, analog) and output is __ (digital, analog).




3.DAC0808 is a(n) __-bit D-to-A converter.






(a) The output of DAC0808 is in __ (current, voltage).


(b) True or false. The output of DAC0808 is ideal to drive a motor.




Page 469, problems 55-60


55.True or false. DAC0808 is the same as DAC1408.




56.Find the number of discrete voltages provided by the  n-bit DAC for the following:


(a)  n = 8




(b)  n = 10




(c)  n = 12








57.For DAC1408, if Iref = 2 mA, show how to get an I out of 1.99 when all inputs are HIGH.




58.Find the Iout for the following inputs. Assume Iref = 2 mA for DAC0808.


(a) 10011001




(b) 11001100




(c) 11101110




(d) 00100010




(e) 00001001




(f) 10001000






59.To get a smaller step, we need a DAC with _ (more, fewer) digital inputs.




60.To get full-scale output, what should be the inputs for DAC?






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