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Write these papers like any other academic paper, with full explanations and resources. Follow the rubric and demonstrate a scholarly knowledge of the topic as well as show writing competence. You can be more informal in your response. See the discussion guidelines in the contents section.

First find an academic article on cultural appropriations, if possible specifically one about racial appropriations. (Read this non academicone to get started. http://racerelations.about.com/od/diversitymatters...) Then using the article, address the following:

1. Find an academic article on racial appropriation, summarize and quote from it. Explain how 8 Mileand/or Step Upfits or does not fit within it.

Remember these films are NOT reality. They are the materializations/expressions of ideologies or refutation of those beliefs that exist in society, sometimes from Hollywood, sometimes from a black perspective. Your job is to use academic writings and your own interpretations to produce and essay that analyze words, themes, mise en scene as they project beliefs.


Remember the essays should contain citations and are practice for the final course paper. However they are also an opportunity to start less formal conversations and responses among group members. You must complete both aspects, so be sure to respond to at least one of your group members about what they found and/or to the comments of others who respond to your post. This assignment counts toward class participation. Copy and paste or type your discussion/essay in the discussion area and submit your file to the dropbox for a plagiarism check.

What should be included in your essay(for more detail look at the rubric attached to this discussion):

  • 600 Words for initial post for Discussion/Essay
  • Contains a thesis
  • At least 3 proofs to support the thesis
    • two from course materials
    • one from your own academic or primary research
  • Use of in text citations with page numbers
  • Works cited with webpage links or full printing press information
  • Good Grammar
  • Discretionary points for Excellence

Essay Format:

This is generally the format of what your essay should look like.

Paragraph 1 -- introduction to tell me where you are going. This paragraph includes or starts with a specific distinct thesis that states exactly what you plan to argue. It does not say "I will discuss..." Instead, state your argument and move on to prove it. If I have to wait until the end of the paper to figure out what your point is, you have already failed. Some students put the thesis sentence in italics or bold it. If you want to do this that's fine. It helps me zero in immediately on what you will argue and may help you keep track of your focus.

Paragraphs 2-5 -- justifications. Each subsequent paragraph proves some part of your thesis. They start with and include sub assertions. These sub assertions introduce related bits of evidence and are in effect a mini thesis that makes a refined point about SOME aspect of the thesis. In other words, it pinpoints a specific part of the thesis and explains why the information you present is relevant. After the sub assertion, include your evidence -- an example, quote, and citation, for example. You must include examples from the narrative. You can combine justifications in paragraphs as long as they relate to the sub assertion, which on a larger scale connects to the thesis. Start each new paragraph with new sub assertions and justification that highlights a another different part of the thesis. Continue until all parts of your thesis are illustrated and justified. Adjust your thesis if need be.

Final Paragraph -- add some deeper insight. You started with a thesis -- what additional intellectual points can you add that both reflects the original thesis but seems to carry your initial concept further?

Under no circumstances are you to attack anyone personally. Thoughtfulness, creativity and clarity will work in your favor. Simply repeating what someone else has previously said will not work well in this area. You will not get credit if you do not respond in a scholarly way.

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