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Nyanya, this assignment is due 11/10/14.


Quality Assessment Study (QAS): Every week there will be assignments to complete in preparation for the final project.  There is a separate handout (“Directions for the QAS”) that has a detailed explanation of this week’s assignment.  You are to collect and analyze the data on the process you identified during week 1.  Use the monitoring tool you designed (a check list or form).  Submit this assignment, (3-4 page paper)as an attachment that describes the process, how the data was collected and the results, in the Written Assignments/ Week 2 Assignment Submission Folder.   Due Day 7 (11/10/14)


Directions are attached below for the Quality Assessment Study (QAS):



For this week, you will be collecting data about your process that you selected.  You will use the tool you designed.  Collect the data for a certain period of time that is appropriate for the activity (usually 3 days).  Set a time limit for this week.  Do it early in the week, so you will have time to collate your data and make it look good for the presentation. 


Collect your data and present it to me in an easy to read format.  Use graphs and/or tables.  Look at Chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook.  That will show you different ways to present data.  Your paper should be 3-4 pages.   


1.                  Submit an expanded description of your process from Week 1.


2.                  Collect the data about the process you selected


3.                  Use the tool you created to record your data


4.                  Analyze your data


5.                  Use graphs or tables to present your data (This is to be included in your expanded description of the process)


6.                  This paper should be 3-4 pages


7.                 Submit/attach the paper (as a word document) to the appropriate link found in  Week 2 Assignment Submission Folder.


8.                  Paper is due by midnight EST, Day 7


9.                  We are working on Part One….B 


Other comments (same from last week):


            -The “process” to study is:


            Something you can study about work or your personal life


            It should be an area of performance you would like to change           


            Keep it a simple topic that won’t require complex data collection and change  


   -The “collection tool” varies depending on the data you are collecting.  The following are some suggestions as to the type of data collection tool/form you would develop:


            A “yes/no” form


            A “number of correct/incorrect items” form


            A “time spent on a task” form               


            It is the way to identify areas for improvement when you analyze the data  


   -In week 3 you will be assigned to your group


   -In week 3 you will present your paper to your team (as will the other team members) 


The Paper (Part One…B)  that you submit this week is worth 15 points.  This is part of the 250 points of the assignment. 


*In week 3 there will be another set of “Directions” 


You will be assigned to your group in week 3.


You will present this paper you are submitting this week to your group in week 3.


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