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Research question paper

You presented a potential problem and an innovative solution specific to the Family Nurse Practitioner role. In addition, you have submitted literature identifying qualitative and quantitative research articles. Now, write a 4 page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.

  1. Introduction
  • Background and Significance of the Problem
  • Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study (explain the research purpose)

2.Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables with Operational Definitions

a) Research Question (Design your research question aimed at solving (a part of) the problem and include the following components of the PICOT Questions

Patient, Population or Problem

  • What are the characteristics of the patient or population?
  • What is the condition or disease you are interested in?

Intervention or exposure

  • What do you want to do with this patient (e.g. treat, diagnose, observe)?


  • What is the alternative to the intervention (e.g. placebo, different drug, surgery)?


  • What are the relevant outcomes (e.g. morbidity, death, complications)?
  • Ensure that the research question is answerable, feasible and clinically relevant

b)Provide the Hypothesis: Research and Null

c)Identifying and Defining Study Variables and Operationalize Variables

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