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Please discuss the following prompt: Is Buddhism a religion, a philosophy, or both? Explain your thoughts using supporting evidence.

You will be responsible for completing short
essays of approximately 500 words (about 2 pages double spaced). For each essay, you
will be given a fairly general prompt for you to base your essay, with the intention that
you will find a more specific thread tailored to your own interests to fit within the theme
of the prompt.

I would like you to use at least two different peer reviewed sources to
help substantiate your points. One of the sources should come from one of the assigned
readings, and I would like at least one other source to come from outside our course
texts. There are some great resources out there to help you find appropriate peer
reviewed source material. One place to find some good journal articles is JSTOR

When providing
these sources, you must use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS or Chicago Style). I
will provide a useful guide on Blackboard for those of you who are unfamiliar with this
style of referencing.

Your essays will be graded on the following criteria:

a) evidence that the factual material called for in the question is presented and

b) coherence of the essay in organization and structure;

c) ability to engage critically and analytically with the topic

d) evidence of creative thinking;

e) correct annotation of sources and presentation of bibliography;

f) correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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