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Hi there, please could someone help me with question 1. thank you!

AC222 Only a Game Inc.
Reconciliation of initial balance sheet: Month/Item
Initial investment
October production
October costs Balance of accounts Cash 0 Retaine
Inventory Stock
s 0 0 0 0 Unit cost
Unit selling price
Monthly operating co 4,000
Month October November December January February March April May June July August September production in units
sales in units 1 PD 6/03 Only a Game Inc.
Unit information
Unit cost
Unit selling price
Monthly operating costs
Month October NovemberDecemberJanuary February March October NovemberDecember January February April May June July August SeptembeOctober November August SeptemberOctober November production in units
sales in units
Income statements:
Cost of sales
Operating expenses
Net operating income
Collections budget:
Beginning accounts receivable
Current sales
Ending accounts receivable
Production budget:
Units produced
Cash required
Cash budget:
Beginning balance
Add collections
Less production & operating costs
Excess (deficit) cash to costs
Ending balance
Balance sheets:
Accounts receivable
Total assets
Common stock
Retained earnings
Total equities March April May June July


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