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It’s important to know who your customers are and how to target them with ads. Businesses need to realize that not everyoneis interested in or will buy their product. The more specifically you can define your target market, the easier it will be to pick media that will reach them.

For example, a used sporting goods store and a high-end golf store both sell golf clubs, but they will have two different customer types. Not better or worse, just different. One of these customers might be more likely to subscribe to Golf Digest but they both might watch The Masters tournament on TV.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate an understanding of target markets–the consumers the company wishes to appeal to, design products for, and tailor its marketing activities toward–and apply the concept using a local business.

Part 1 :
Choose a locally-owned business (not a national chain like Target, Midas, or Taco Johns) and define its ideal target market. It could even be your own business.

A. List and describe at least five factors that will help you narrow down your target market. For example, if you pick a coffee shop, its location (geography) will be a factor because people likely don’t want to drive across town just for a cup of coffee (they want convenience!).
On the other hand, if you pick a business that is unique to the area and people will drive across the state to get there, that could be notable, too.
Factors could be price, product, location, hours, customer service, seasonal attributes (do customers only come a certain time of year?)… or maybe your business offers a unique experience.
Write a list with as many things as you can think of as to whypeople shop there and narrow it down to the top five. Explain each reason.

B.Based on the top five factors that define why customers shop there, write a short biography of your ideal customer. How old are they? Where do they live? Did they go to college? What interests and hobbies do they have? Whom do they follow on Instagram? Where else do they shop?
Imagine as many details as you can about this customer, and be specific!

Part 2:
Using the same local business, decide who your main competitionis. Compareand contrastyour products and services.
How does the target marketdiffer, if at all? For example, maybe you have lower prices than your competitor or a better/worse geographic location, parking, etc. Maybe you are known for better service and thus higher prices. How are your customers different?

As you write the paper, use at least threeof these terms in a way that shows me you understand the concept:

target market
user status
usage rates
purchase occasion
geographic segmentation
price element

Try to work the definition of the concepts into your paper. Anything word-for-word from the book needs to be in quotation marks and attributed to the textbook.

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