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•             Question 1
                When performing the urease test, which of the following color changes is expected if the organism is positive for urease production?                                       
The agar changes from yellow to bright pink
                The agar changes from red to yellow
                The agar changes from blue to green
                The agar changes from colorless to black
•             Question 2
                The oxidase test determines the presence of cytochrome oxidase enzyme. This enzymes functions as part of _____________                                            
The electron transport chain
                The citric acid cycle
•             Question 3
                Genotypic identification methods examine the DNA sequence of an organism                                  
Answers:               True
•             Question 4
                Which of the following would be most valuable to confirm the identification of microorganisms isolated during a food poisoning outbreak?                                           
Answers:             Growth on agar plates to identify colony morphology
                Grain stain to view cellular morphology
Identification of microorganisms using microscopic, cultural, and physiological characteristics
•             Question 5
                Which of the following are examples of physiological (biochemical) characteristics used in the bacterial identification process?                                 
Answers:             Gram stain
                Cell shape
Presence of a specific enzyme
                Growth in a nutrient broth
•             Question 6
                Which methods used in bacterial identification usually require culturing of the unknown bacteria?                                          
Answers:             Immunologic
•             Question 7
                If an organism produces stable acids as an end-product of glucose fermentation, the methyl red test will be red, indicating a positive result.                                         
Answers:               True
•             Question 8
                Which reagent is added to SIM medium to detect indole production?                                    
Answers:             Methyl red reagent
                Phenol red
                Zinc powder
Kovac’s reagent
•             Question 9
                In the Kligler’s Iron Agar (KIA) test, if an organism can only ferment glucose, the butt of the agar slant turns ______, and the slanted surface of the agar will be _______ after 24 hours of incubation.                                          
Answers:             black; yellow
                Red; yellow
Yellow; red
                Yellow; black
•             Question 10
                All of the following biochemical tests involve the growth of an organism in a specific liquid broth medium EXCEPT                                               
Answers:             Nitrate reduction test
SIM test
                Phenol red carbohydrate fermentation test
                Methyl red test
•             Question 11
                Which of the following is true of a bacterial species that produces dark colonies when grown on MacConkey agar.                                               
Answers:             They are glucose fermenters
They are lactose fermenters
                They produce urease
                They reduce nitrate to nitrite
•             Question 12
                The internationally recognized reference for bacterial classification and identification is called Bergey’s Manual                                 
Answers:               True
•             Question 13
                An organism has been shown to produce hydrogen sulfide and indole in its metabolism. These are examples of _____ characteristics that can be helpful in the identification of the microorganism.                                       
Answers:             Morphological
•             Question 14
                Which of the following types of media allows for the observations of multiple biochemical properties in one?                                    
Answers:             Urea agar
                MacConkey agar
SIM media
                Citrate media
•             Question 15
                Phenol red carbohydrate broths with Durham tubes can detect all of the following EXCEPT          Answers:              
Nitrate reduction
                Acid production
                Gas production

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