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The purpose of this assignment is for you to actively begin analyzing organizations and/or corporations to make employment decisions (i.e., do you really want to work for this organization or corporation based on the information you discover?) and to practice evaluating organizations or corporations. This allows you to enhance your research, analysis,

and decision-making skills as an international manager.

Select a multinational organization or corporation that interests you. If you do not have a favorite yet, consider an industry(i.e., communications, banking, broadcasting, entertainment, administration, etc.) that keeps your interest. Once you select an industry, use your favorite Internet search engine to help finalize your selection of a corporation.

Use the Internet and/or the CSU Online Library to research an international, multinational, or global organization or corporation. Choose an organization or corporation that is, or appears to match, your dream job. 


Prepare a two-page report that describes the details of the organization or corporation and why it is your dream job. Within the report, include the following details:

1. Overview of the organization or corporation

a. Location

b. Industry

c.The mission of the organization or corporation

d.What makes it an international, multinational, or global?

2. Partial analysis of the organization or corporation

a.What are the political factors?
b.What are the legal and regulatory factors?

c.What are the technological factors?


What else did you discover?

3. The job or area of interest

  1. Overview of the job or your area of interest

  2. Describe why this job interests you


4. Conclusion

  1. What is important to you versus what is important to the organization or corporation?

  2. How does your analysis of the organization or corporation influence your decision to work for this

    organization or corporation?

  3. What else influence your decision to work for this organization or corporation?

Format the report in your own words using APA style, and include citations and references as needed to avoid instances of plagiarism. 


I want the paper to be on Google. Also i will run it through turnitin so everything ned to be cited and reworded properly

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