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4 paper paper and a poster. Please see attached instructions for poster. In

The theme of MRS 2020 is “Maritime Resilience.” DHS defines resilient infrastructure systems as the “ability of systems, infrastructures, government, business, communities, and individuals to resist, tolerate, absorb, recover from, prepare for, or adapt to an adverse occurrence that causes harm, destruction, or loss of national significance.”

Through presentations, panels and open forums, the symposium will focus on the
attributes of resilience to adversarial events of national significance in the maritime domain, using our experience with COVID-19 as a driver for the discussion. The objective is less about the specific impacts COVID-19 had and is having, and more on how that event informs us on resiliency for future global upsets, in terms of what works, what gaps have been exposed, and what research questions ought to be studied as a first step towards enhancing Maritime Resilience.

The 2020 Maritime Risk Symposium invites university and college students from throughout the United States and allied nations to participate in this year’s virtual Maritime Risk Symposium Poster Competition. The theme of this year’s Maritime Risk Symposium is “Resiliency.” While they invite applicants to submit research presentations that address this theme, they do not exclude research submissions that address other areas in the maritime domain.  

For this assignment you will be completing two tasks.

First, you will develop a short research paper AND then will you use that paper to develop a presentation for the MRS
student poster contest.

Your short research paper and MRS presentation should include the following:
Value to DHS

Clearly addresses the stated need (this would be your hypothesis).

Is designed keeping the DHS Component or end user in mind.

Proposes significant and relevant steps toward a solution.

Level of Innovation

Provides an interesting or innovative approach to the problem.

Is creative, unique, or builds upon an existing approach in a new way.

Demonstrates an awareness of other attempts to solve the problem and
describes how their solution differs.

Feasibility of Implementation
Is realistic in terms of likely costs to implement and resulting benefits

Identifies barriers to implementation that may make the solution less

Pitch and Delivery

Is described in a succinct and clear manner.

Is presented in a way that’s engaging to the audience.

Is well-thought out with a defined a purpose.

Short Research Paper Technical Requirements:

Your paper must be at a minimum of 6-8 pages (the Title and Reference pages
do not count towards the minimum limit).
Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at
least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.

MRS Student Presentation Technical Requirements:

Using your short research paper, create a presentation using the presentation template attached (this template is required).


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