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Objective – When you complete this assignment, you will be able to complete Objectives listed under – 2.2 on the course syllabus.

Planning Process

(1) Before drafting this document – Make sure to read/review all applicable chapters, e.g. 1, 4, 5, 6, 9,10. I encourage you to read and apply applicable content from all chapters highlighted above. You should also review and apply the graded feedback on your first assignment to improve writing in this assignment.

(2) Read – Why Does This Matter ? –on Pages 101, 139,169, 269 & 297 – After reading these sections, think about “specific to your major”- the typical kinds of writing – a business professional entering your major/field should be equipped to perform. Next, read the Critical Thinking Question below.

Critical Thinking Question

What challenges do recent graduates face as they move from “academic writing” to “workplace writing”?

(3) Now, conduct research “specific to your major/field”- to identify two typical kinds of writing- expected within your major/field. In reviewing the literature – make sure to identify two strategies -used by industry representatives to address the gap between “academic and workplace writing”. Use these findings to address the Critical Think Question above.

Use Business Source Complete – Go to W.I. Dykes Library https ://www .uhd .edu /library/Pages/library-index.aspx Click Databases – Under Library Databases –Click B-Scroll Down to Business Source Complete –Click and Start your research.

Research credible journal articles related to your declared business major OR articles written for all business majors. Identify one article that best represents findings related to “your specific major/field” to answer the Critical Thinking Questions above. DO NOT use an article over five years old. DO NOT use your personal opinions.


After completing the Planning Process above – Based on your findings, draft a two-page persuasive message in expanded letter format to your professor explaining two – challenges and strategies -used by industry representatives to manage the gap between “academic and workplace writing”. Then, explain how “you” plan to apply this research/findings from the workplace during your academic training in terms of equipping yourself with industry expected skills/performance.

Include in the body one in-text citation (APA format) from a journal article within your declared major. *Use only “one” in-text citation in the body. DO NOT use over three lines of the information from the article to complete your in-text citation in the body of the letter. You can ONLY cite the article once in the body. DO NOT use the citation multiple times in the body. DO NOT use other citations in the body. DO NOT use the course textbook as a citation /secondary source/reference.

Format the report – Two Pages ONLY – DO NOT Exceed, Apply the following – MARGINS -1 inch (top/bottom and sides), FONT – Times New Roman-Size 12, and SPACING -Use single space (1.0) to format the body of each section/paragraph – THEN- Use 2.0 spaces after each section/paragraph i.e. at the end of EACH section/paragraph– use 2.0 spaces THEN – go back to using single space (1.0) for the body of EACH section/paragraph – UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE DOCUMENT. *Single-space some elements, such as the address and citation in the reference section. Place the citation at the end of page two, in APA format.

For visual purposes only, review Figure B.2 in the course textbook on page 563/B.2/Sample Letter Block Format Style. In reviewing, you should note, the content is not applicable.

DO NOT use the heading (Better Horizons Credit Union) in the example. DO NOT use a Header or lines as illustrated.

This means you will need to make applicable modifications, e.g. current date, salutation (Dear Dr. Nealy:) and use the following information in the address.
Dr. Chynette Nealy
Marilyn Davies College of Business –GMSM Department
320 North Main, Suite B420
Houston, Texas 77002

Important Reminders

DO NOT PDF the assignment. I will NOT accept the submission.

DO NOT cut/post the assignment to the Submission Board. I will NOT accept the submission.

DO NOT write a message in the Submission Board. I will NOT accept the submission.

DO NOT submit the assignment via Course Message. I will NOT accept the submission.

Submit the assignment as an attached file in the –Named Assignment Dropbox . Name the file-

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