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Students must address one of the three topics below.

  • Topic 1: What are the challenges for a business that aims to be both legal and ethical?
  • Topic 2: Are there limitations in trying to manage ethics through formal ethics codes and programs?
  • Topic 3: Does CSR represent a genuine desire by corporations to do well towards society?

The Essay requires:

· The appropriate use of essay format: headings, introduction, discussion, conclusion.

· A thorough research and treatment of the contemporary literature in the topic area.

· A range of references that should demonstrate breadth and depth of research.

· Industry/organisational examples should be incorporated into the essay as illustrative evidence

· An ability to utilise the wider literature in constructing the narrative is displayed throughout.

· Displays critical evaluation and diagnostic skills in the choice of the data included.

· Displays critical evaluation in the choice of the information sources used.

· Appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard Referencing System

You must use a minimum of 12 references:

· Text books :The prescribed text and at least 4 other text books

· At least 4 academic journal articles (found using EBSCO, Emerald, ABI/Proquest, Science Direct, Informit etc)

· 3 other source of your choice : Blog, newspaper, magazine or other Internet source

· No more than 2 reference may be general Internet based sources.

· Wikipedia is not tobe used and does not count as an academic reference.

Feedback:Comments and a mark will be returned to you within two weeks of submission.

Below is the feedback form which will be used to provide you with your grade and summary feedback.

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