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Part 1 Matrix:

Complete each section of the matrix below. Include APA citations for all borrowed ideas, facts, or definitions.


What does this term mean?

How or why is this term important with respect to the U.S. Federal   Bureaucracy and the public policy process?

Civil Service

The “Spoils System”

The “Merit System”

The Hatch Act

Administrative Discretion

Policy Implementation

Oversight Controls

Interest Groups

Economic Policy

The “New Deal”

The “Great Society”

Social Policy

Foreign and Defense Policy

Part 2 Essay:

Writea 525- to 700-word response below that responds to the following question: 

How does the U.S. Federal bureaucracy influence, operate, and function with respect to implementing economic, social, and foreign policy?

Include APA citations for all borrowed ideas, facts, or definitions.

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