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Group Project (Marketing Plan)

Course Project

You must select a product/brand that is being currently sold in the marketplace. You will closely examine the manner in which that product/brand was marketed and write a report on its target market, competition and marketing mix strategies . (200 Points)

Specific instructions

  1. You must submit to your instructor your group’s chosen product/brand/company for your term paper by July  8th 2019 11:59PM. You cannot change your group members or product/brand/company after submission. You are strongly encouraged to meet as a group via Zoom and agree on your product/brand/company as soon as possible after your instructor has provided his instructions in class.
  2. Each group will be formed by the professor, each group should discuss among themselves and decide on a product/brand or company for their research and study. No two groups are to work on the same product/brand in the same category. You should seek your instructor’s approval before proceeding on your term paper. Some examples of product/brand include: Beer/Heineken, Cola Beverage/Pepsi Cola, Athletic Shoes/Adidas, Airlines/United Airlines, Financial Institution/AIG, Retail Clothes/Hollister, etc.
  3. You must divide the responsibility among group members for the research and extensive analysis of each element of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) for the chosen brand. Focus should also be on the planning and strategies deployed in each marketing mix. Use the topic headings in the relevant chapters as a guide for your analysis of the elements of the marketing mix.
  4. Your paper must cover an identification and analysis of the “target market” for the product/brand. Your paper must also cover an analysis of the direct and indirect competitors of the brand that was chosen. You must also perform a SWOT analysis of your chosen organization as part of your assignment as a measurement of problem solving skills in this research project.
  5. You are to use as many of the concepts taught in during the course and those in your textbook that are related to your “marketing mix” elements as a basis of application to the product/brand in your project. Sources of information for your project should be from several sources such as the internet, business periodicals (Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc), information published by the marketers of the brand, and consumer or marketing research studies, etc.
  6. Late submission, if accepted, will be subjected to substantial penalty. First, the evaluation for late work is reduced by 25%. Second, the term paper presented late cannot receive a grade higher than the lowest grade received by those who submitted on time.
  7. If necessary, each student will be required to make a confidential peer evaluation of the participation of all team members in the group. These evaluations will be considered in determining the final project grades of the team members. Your instructor will provide the appropriate evaluation forms to you.

Suggested Report Format

Report Structure:                    

a)         Title Page (with individual name/names of all group members)

b)         Table of Contents

c)          Introduction and Objectives of your report

d)          Your product/brand’s target market

e)           Analysis of your brand’s Competitive Environment (SWOT)

f)           Analysis of each Marketing Mix (Price, Place, Product and
  Promotion) of your product/brand

g)           Conclusion

h)           Appendices (include research sources, secondary data
  information/articles, or any other relevant supporting materials)

Format:                                    Typewritten, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman/Arial on A4-sized paper.

Submission:                             This report must be submitted on or before Monday June 10th, 2019 11:59PM.Late submission, if accepted, will be subjected to substantial penalty while failure to submit your project by the last day of class will result in a grade of zero.

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